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How to Join TYP

TYP membership consists of a wide range of young people (under 35) from companies in the Business & Professional Services sector, for example:

  • Banking and Financial Services
  • Employment Consultants and Agencies
  • Accountants and Accountancy Services
  • Legal Services
  • Property Services, Quantity, Rating and Chartered Surveyor
  • Insurance and Pension Services
  • Marketing, Advertising, PR Agencies and Design-related services
  • Computer Services, Telecommunications and Multimedia
  • Consultancy Services (Technical, Engineering, Environmental etc.)
  • Education and Training

Membership of TYP is free and we meet on the final Thursday of every other month, so please come along to one of our events – we’d love to see you!

If you have any questions about Telford Young Professionals, email or call 01952 567589 to find out how TYP can help you to develop and grow your business – and to discover how you can become part of a fast-growing forward-thinking network of business professionals.